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Absolute overwhelmed by the improvement in two visits! Would recommend it to everyone!

~Barbara age 72~

Dr. Luke is very funny and very nice, but he is also very serious about his job.  I got adjusted by him the other day and it was amazing!  I walked out of Staudenmaier Chiropractic feeling like I had a new neck!  Thank you Dr. Luke and Staudenmaier Chiropractic.

~Kylie age 10~

Dr. Luke is always very professional and kind.  I look at him as not only my doctor but also my friend.


Best place to come when you are concerned with your health (they are too)!


They always work me into their schedule.  There are times when my schedule is not always compatible with the Doctors but I always receive my treatment and they are very understanding.


As always, the staff was polite and caring.  My appointment helped me to feel better. I always feel listened to and as if I'm the most important patient.


I was happy to be seen on an emergency basis.


I always get the best care. I couldn't ask for a better chiropractor!


I have always felt chiropractic was the way to approach most health issues.  I like that you are part of the healing processes-conversation.  I always feel I leave the visit with health choices in my hands, fully educated as to my condition and choices of treatment.  At times the recommendation may even have been to another medical professional.  More often than not 1 or 2 visits are all I have needed to get back on the path to a healthy condition.  Never have they required medication.


I have found that chiropractic adjustments compliment the physical therapy I do for my injury. My pain was relieved after only a few treatments and maintenance is keeping me pain/injury free!


Excruciating, debilitating, horrible back pain brought me to Dr. Luke Staudenmaier.  I now make chiropractic a part of my healthy lifestyle because it has gradually made me feel 100% better, something I thought would be impossible.  I choose to remain under chiropractic wellness care because it works and I trust the doctor. He is so knowledgeable, so intent on really hearing his patients.  Dr. Staudenmaier is on a sincere mission to promote not just healing but lifetime wellness.  What a Blessing!

~Barb A.~

It's amazing what one adjustment can do!  I feel human again and I actually went into work for an hour!  Thanks to you!


Since I started Ideal Protein, along with adjustments, I no longer have pain in the top of my feet or heaviness in my chest.  I can lay flat on my back and I no longer take pain pills nightly.  I have so much more energy and can move around better than I have in years and I went off my cholesterol meds.  I believe that if I didn't do something I wouldn't be here in a couple of years!  I am REBORN!  Thank you!


Once you commit to this and the first few days pass you will enter a world that you may not have known for many years.  I felt that I woke up out of what you may know as a funk or haze. My energy level increased, a positive attitude increased and physically my aches and pains started to diminish along with a range of motion increased.  I did not need as much sleep at night and when waking up I was ready to go!  This plan is easy to implement daily. Follow it and you will have huge successes.  You will find ideal protein foods that you will like and some you won't.  The snacks are tasty.  Come over to the other side!


***Here is an update on Todd H.!  Todd has lost 68lbs in a short 16 weeks!*** Stop by or call the office today to find out how you can get a jump start on a healthier future!